The Chora of the Twin Towers

I’d like to announce publication of a special project for 9/11 and the rhet/comp community. The project is entitled “The Chora of the Twin Towers” and has been published on 9/11/11 at Enculturation by Robert Leston, Geof Carter, and Sarah Arroyo.

It will occupy Enculturation as the only featured project for the week following 9/11. After the first week, it will be featured as the lead project in the next issue.


This project sets a new precedent for sustained scholarly investigation in the medium of video. Determined to examine how the former ground zero and current World Trade Center site could be thought of as a space for invention (but also mourning), the authors draw upon the ancient concept of “chora.”

Conceived of by ancient philosophers and reconceived by contemporary rhetoricians as an undecided, undetermined space to be filled by the unknown, the chora has always been a vessel for non-generic possibility. Through combinations and juxtapositions of journalism, art, music, sound, image, and theory, the authors put choric possibilities into play and present a project that plays the post-9/11 world in various tonalities, timbres, and tunings.

Their efforts take viewers through a broad spectrum of intellectual curiosity and emotional turmoil, making us confront the specters haunting our personal and cultural memories while always encouraging us to twist, spin, and dance those memories into new “planes” of sound, dizzying flights of fancy, and high wire acts on lines as thin as air.

Enculturation is pleased to present this video project by Robert Leston, Geof Carter and Sarah Arroyo commemorating the 10-year anniversary of September 11.

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